KS4 Art


We are aiming to :

1.Develop ambitious capable pupils able to problem solve, develop resilience and collaborate with a varied approach to learning.
2.Enable individuals to express their ideas and understanding creatively with confidence.
3.Promote curiosity and experimentation in both research, responses and creative making that develop our pupils into ethical informed citizens.
4.Explore a range of styles and mediums to provide enjoyable and successful experiences inside and out of the classroom environment.
5.Raise the ambitions of our pupils progressing further in education and awareness of creative industries.



The course is broken into two parts: 60% Coursework 4 terms 40% Exam 2 terms. In year 11, pupils will sit a ten-hour exam over two days in the Art Department.

Drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, photography and collage are some of the 2D skills explored and refined during year 10 and year 11 of GCSE ART.  Pupils build on their KS3 understanding of different techniques for line, tone, shape, colour, pattern and texture and manipulate them within a ‘theme’ or ‘question’. Personal presentation is highly encouraged, where learners can develop their own interests and individual voice in both sketchbooks and larger pieces of work. Sculpture including puppet building, plaster casting, clay and recycled material construction are some of the 3D skills explored to expand pupils’ creative making. Pupils will also complete written annotation, research, artist analysis and evaluations.



With a dedicated team of staff, daily lunch clubs and weekly afterschool clubs are run to support our KS4 learners realise their artistic voices and improve their skills. Work is uploaded weekly onto Google classroom for pupils to access at home.



We are extremely fortunate to have an exceptionally talented ‘Artist – in –Residence’ who regularly works with small groups of learners on relevant and challenging concepts. Pupils attending these workshops are introduced to working in a Gallery space, exhibiting their work and responding to local competitions and projects. Through committing to extra-curricular activities and one to one support with Mr Griffiths, pupils achieve high levels of success both academically and personally.



KS4 pupils will attend our local Art museum and Gallery in Cyfarthfa at the start of the course as a reference for both artists, objects and artifacts. Pupils will visit Cardiff National Gallery and Museum at the end of year 10 in response to a specific exhibition and complete on sight sketches, research and annotation. In Year 11, pupils will be encouraged to attend an exhibition or museum linked with their chosen question from the exam paper. Visiting artists and rented artefacts will be used for observational drawing.