Supporting your child with Numeracy

At Pen Y Dre we make numeracy an everyday part of life. All subjects across the curriculum involve numeracy where appropriate and make it relevant to everyday living. As Curriculum for Wales (PYD Learning Journey) continues to roll out, we prioritise the developing pupils numeracy and look for opportunities through our curriculum to support all pupils. 

Pupils arrive in Year 7 with a national numeracy score and teacher assessment levels. These are used to initially place the students into sets and then upon further testing pupils are placed into numeracy groups where the pupils focus on areas of numeracy relevant to them and their individual targets. As teachers and parents we aim to support the pupils so they enjoy numeracy and are confident in handling number when they leave school. 

Parents can support their children by involving them in understanding money, household bills and budgeting for a family, VAT and bargain corners in shopping stores, such as 'three for two' offers etc. When going on holidays, time zones can be discussed and money exchange along with costing a holiday for a family and half or full board options for food. The list for numeracy is endless in everyday living and together as parents and teachers at Pen Y Dre we are all working to ensure every pupil leaves with a good solid foundation in numeracy.