Welcome to PYD Geography Department

The aim of Geography@Penydre is to give pupils an insight into world issues but also the opportunity to reflect how their own lives will often interact with local, national and global events.

In year 7 we give the pupils a taste of fire and brimstone through the volcanoes and earthquakes unit. Learners get to cover disasters they see on screen as journalists reporting for the local newspaper, write cartoon storyboards about their very own volcanic eruption and practice duck and cover drills as if they’re Californian school kids preparing for an earthquake. 

Year 8 cover the unit ‘Threatened Environments’ and look at issues such as ivory poaching in Kenya, The destruction of the rainforest by some very well-known fast food companies, global warming and overfishing of the world’s oceans. This unit focuses the pupils on their involvement as global citizens and how they can play their small but vital part in protecting the planets resources for their children and grandchildren.

Year 9 cover the topics ‘People as Consumers’ and ‘Population Geography’. Within these topics they see how they are directly involved in local and global issues. These range from looking at the products they own and how they are sometimes made in shocking conditions the other side of the world to their power as teenage consumers and the way they shop both locally and in the cyber world.

Within population geography they cover a range of topics from the treacherous border crossings in Mexico into the US, Chinas one child policy and their place in the worlds increasing future population.

The geography component of the GCSE Humanities course builds on prior knowledge but also adds topics such as Hurricanes and urban geography. Much of what is covered at KS3 provides a springboard into the basics for the humanities course.