Music is part of our everyday lives and is a very broad genre. Students will be able to perform on keyboards and ukuleles, sing, compose using music technology and appraise a variety of pieces and songs. 


The topics covered at KS3 enable students to build their performance, listening and composition skills, preparing the students for the courses offered at KS4. The topics also ensure students have a good grounding in the Elements of Music and basic theory to facilitate greater understanding of how music works and a range of different genres. Progress is monitored throughout.


We are very lucky at Pen y Dre that we can offer both WJEC Music GCSE and WJEC Performing Arts Vocational as two separate options enabling a program that is appropriate for each of the course requirements and student strengths.

At KS3 students are given a broad and balanced education in the Expressive Arts. Through Drama, Music and Art the students are encouraged to develop self-discipline, self-awareness, confidence and good citizenship as well as clear, fluent and expressive speech.  Our schemes of work promote creativity and imagination where we explore various social issues relevant to young people today.  We develop the knowledge of both traditional and contemporary styles of theatre, music and Art in addition to a variety of genres.  Through these subjects our students can become effective team players, developing their speaking and listening skills through making, performing and responding.

Young people who study the Expressive Arts become confident individuals and young adults who progress into successful teachers, therapists, lawyers, actors, dancers, musicians or presenters to name a few.  The students learn to express thoughts in a way that can be understood by others; to be able to work in a team, exchanging and organising ideas as well as working efficiently and effectively on their own or collaboratively.  Good communication skills and self-confidence are an essential part of the life we all lead.