Attendance and Admissions

We are committed in Pen y Dre High School to ensuring that all our pupils have the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential. Regular attendance at school is one of the biggest factors in achieving this.

If a child misses a lot of school without a justified reason they are likely to:-


  • Have problems keeping up with school work
  • Dislike school more
  • Get poor exam results
  • Lose their place in friendship groups
  • Be isolated from peers
  • Become involved in anti-social behaviour
  • Find difficulty in getting into further education or a job/career


School gives lasting friendships, important social skills, opportunities, choices and experiences.


Advice For Parents And Carers


What can you do?


Parents and carers can do a great deal to support the regular and punctual attendance of your children at school:


  • Start good habits early (arrive at school on time and keep to school rules)
  • Inform the school on the first day and subsequent days of any illness or absence
  • Make it known that you don’t approve of poor attendance, lateness or truancy/ensure their children only miss school for authorised reasons such as illness or days specifically set aside for religious observance
  • Always send in notes to explain an absence
  • Avoid booking family holidays during term-time whenever possible
  • Attend parents' evenings and other school events
  • Read all letters their children bring home from school;
  • Talk to the school or Education Welfare Service about any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing
  • Support school in encouraging good behaviour
  • Take an interest in your child’s school work and homework 


Remember: a school day lost can never be retrieved! 


An Attendance of below 80% means your child is missing on average one day per week.

If your child has 80% attendance for their whole secondary school career they will have missed a whole year of schooling by the time they leave school.




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