Role of Governing Body

Purpose and Role of the Governing Body at Pen y Dre High School

The governors of Pen y Dre High School work together with the Head Teacher and staff to ensure the school provides successful teaching and learning for our students. The governing body is made up of elected and nominated representatives who are publicly accountable to parents, the Local Authority and the local community for what they do, for the results they achieve, and the way in which resources are allocated.

The governing body;

  • Agrees what the school is seeking to achieve for its children and our community
  • Agrees policies and processes relating to the aims, purposes and practices of the school
  • Decides on the most important aspects of school life for the development of our students and ensures these are shared with parents, the LA and the local community, e.g.
    • The behaviour of our students
    • The moral and spiritual development of our students
    • Equal opportunities and good relations
    • The security of the school


Who are the school governors?

The governing body has a core group of governors consisting of;

  • The Head teacher
  • Parent governors
  • Teacher governors
  • Staff governors
  • Local Authority governors
  • Community governors

In addition at Pen y Dre High School we also have two associate pupil governors.

All governors share the same powers, major goals and responsibilities. These are to safeguard the quality of teaching and learning provided by the school, to raise standards of achievement and attainment for the students and the staff, and to be accountable to the local community for the school’s effectiveness.

There is no variation between the different types of governor and governors have no powers as an individual. The law places powers with the whole governing body. All governors are fully involved in the activity of the governing body and the school, and ensure continuity by attending meetings and visiting school regularly.

Head Teacher

The head teacher is a full member of the governing body of the school and;

  • reports to governors and involves governors closely in the running of the school
  • is honest, direct and open with governors
  • establishes a good rapport with the chairperson of the governing body
  • creates a climate where governors feel welcome in the school

Parent governors

Parent governors are elected by their fellow parents for four year terms as representatives of the interests of parents of students currently attending the school. A parent governor can continue to serve as a governor until the end of their four year term of office, even if their child leaves the school during the period.

Parent governors may express their personal views at governing body meetings, however it is expected that these views would be representative of the interests of the parents at the school. A parent governor will therefore keep “in tune” with the concerns and opinions of the majority of parents. However, it is important that when decisions are made, individual governors will exercise their best judgement when contributing to the decision of the governing body.

Teacher governors

Teacher governors are elected by the teaching staff at Pen y Dre High School as representatives of the interests of the teaching staff of the school.
Whereas on occasion they may give the views of teaching staff to the governing body, they are equally free to express their personal views and exercise their own judgements when decisions are made, like any other governor.

Staff governors

Staff governors are elected from among the support staff at Pen y Dre High School (all staff employed at the school other than in a teaching capacity). They may be staff employed either under a contract of employment or a contract for services at the school.

Local Authority governors

Local Authority governors are appointed by the local authority which maintains the school. LA governors may present the LA’s views but they are not delegates of the LA and they cannot be mandated by the LA to take a particular view.

Community Governors

These governors are invited by other governors to join the governing body and are appointed by the governing body. Community members bring their own experience or skills to the governing body and act as a link with the community in which the school serves. Community governors usually live or work within the community of the school area and are committed to the good government and success of the school.

Associate pupil governors

Associate pupil governors are nominated from pupils of the school. The aim of associate pupil governors is to provide the voice of the school council at governing body meetings and vice versa.

Governing Body meetings

The full governing body meets at least once per term during the school year to discuss all aspects of the school.

In addition there are sub-committee meetings held each half term. All governors sit on either of the sub-committees with the chair, vice-chair and head teacher sitting on both. There are a number of smaller, nominated governing body sub-committees.

These review issues such as performance management and pay review, pupil discipline and exclusions, staff disciplinary and dismissal, and grievance and complaints.

The chair, vice-chair and two other governors also meet with the head teacher on a regular basis as part of an executive group. All sub-committees report into the full Governing Body meetings. All governors give freely of their time and receive no payment or expenses.