The Mathematics Faculty department at Pen y dre currently consists of 6 full time staff and one full time Mathematics teaching assistant. There is a healthy range of experience within the department. Each full time member of the department has their own well-equipped teaching room, including laptop, digital projector and Smart Board.

Pen y dre High serves 6 Primary schools and our intake is truly comprehensive. There is a well-established Primary Liaison programme, which we maintain through weekly visits where our link member of staff teaches from a program of study to pupils in year 6 classes.

In Year Seven, pupils are set on arrival based upon information gathered from our Primary colleagues, with typically five classes being combined to produce our groupings and a learning base. In Years Eight and Nine, the classes are also split into five sets with continued regular monitoring of pupil performance enabling us to fine tune our setting. All Key Stage 3 classes are tested at the end of each half term so that their National curriculum levels can be monitored and tracked, as well as to observe progress towards individual end of Key Stage targets.

KeyStage4 pupils follow the WJEC linear syllabus for both Higher and Foundation tier and functional elements are incorporated into the KS4 scheme of work. There are a variety of support and mentor groups where students receive tailor made revision programs to enhance their chances of achieving a grade ‘C’ or higher at GCSE level. All pupils at Key Stage 4 are assessed at the end of each half term using GCSE exam style papers. Pupils complete a full diagnostic analysis so that progress can be measured accurately and that students are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

The department has an excellent reputation and is committed to furthering a ‘whole class interactive’ teaching style with all groups, in line with the National Numeracy Strategy, and we focus keenly on improving pupils’ mental arithmetic and pencil and paper skills, as well as encouraging high levels of pupil participation in lessons.

The Mathematics department at Penydre serves as a facilitator of learning, providing students with the knowledge and tools to solve problems and then encourages them to solve problems on their own. Our teachers have the ability to communicate the material in different ways to students with different learning styles. The lessons are engaging and taught with ‘pedagogical approaches’. Lessons are fun and relevant.
We offer a ‘BLT’ club to Key stage 4 students, where breakfast and learning take place at the same time. This encourages students to focus on key topics and improve exam techniques. More Able and Talented students are given an opportunity to practice improving their problem skills whilst engaging in fun practical activities during a lunch club. All students are offered the opportunity to attend after school revision club where they can complete homework with expertise at hand.

Mathematics is a valuable subject to study, as it provides diverse career paths and contributes significantly to society. Its subject is regarded as both servant and queen, offering significant support to other subjects yet also being enjoyed as a pursuit of learning in its own right. It is also seen as subject that helps to develop personal confidence and academic rigour. Everyday relevance and functionality as well as the ability to be numerate and logical in decision making are regarded as an essential part of our student’s education.