Our school results

Our school results are on an upwards trend, and indeed over the last few years we have scored our best ever results in nearly all of the key indicators by which schools are measured. Results and trends are stored on the My Local Schools Website.

The site contains a wealth of data from contextual information, such as data on pupil numbers and characteristics, to school performance, attendance and data on staffing and finance. The performance data within the site is also set within context. For example schools are benchmarked against schools with similar levels of Free School Meals and compared against schools in the same "families" (groups of schools facing a broadly equivalent level of challenge). We believe that this is the best and fairest way of considering the performance of a school.

The site has been developed to allow on-line access to detailed data about the performance of a school and to help parents understand, engage with and support their local school. However the data will only go so far in describing the performance of a school and it is important to consider other sources of information, such as Estyn Reports and the schools themselves.

My Local School seeks to reflect the performance of all pupils in a school so that the approach is inclusive and consistently applied. This reflects the inclusive approach taken to Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Wales and the Welsh Government’s central concern for the outcomes for all learners.
It is important to note that the provision for Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils may vary from school to school – some schools may have designated units in which all pupils with SEN are taught, while in other schools SEN pupils may be educated in mainstream classes. For further information about the nature of SEN provision in individual schools, the schools should be contacted directly.

To access my local schools website, please click the following link which will take you from the school website: