Teaching & Learning

Our aim is to ensure all pupils receive a daily diet of high-quality teaching & learning allowing them to make strong progress in their learning. Our approach is in line with the WG Professional Teaching Standards and is consistent with the realisation of the Curriculum for Wales. 

Ethos and values

The school’s ethos underpins teaching and learning at Pen y Dre High School. Broadly, this ethos can be characterised as:

  • Aspire
  • Achieve
  • Believe

At Pen Y Dre we have a shared vision for excellent teaching and learning which is underpinned by educational research. It is designed to support teachers in developing their pedagogy and is consistent with principles outlined in Curriculum for Wales. Through our approach, we aim to ensure there is strong progression in learning for our pupils.


All teachers have responsibility for developing the four purposes outlined by Curriculum for Wales for every child and young person. Literacy, numeracy and digital competency are prioritised, and our strong relationships and subject knowledge ensure our pupils make meaningful progress.   

Our vision for excellent teaching & learning:

- 4 Purposes (Curriculum for Wales)

- Cross Curricular Skills (Literacy, Numeracy, Digital Competency)

- Subject Knowledge

- Pedagogic Principle 1 - High expectations of all pupils

- Pedagogic Principle 2 - Visible Progress

- Pedagogic Principle 3 - Modelling & Explanation

- Pedagogic Principle 4 - Questioning & Feedback

- Pedagogic Principle 5 - Challenge All 

Professional Learning

Professional learning plays a key role in supporting out staff refine and advance their practice. Professional learning is informed by our school improvement cycles and ensures we meet national priorities as well as our own school priorities.