Religious Education

The Religious studies department at Pen-y-dre High school aims to make the study of religion interesting and relevant to young people living in the 21st century. Our aim is not to indoctrinate students into or out of any religion or belief system, but rather to impart skills of understanding and respect towards people of all religious perspectives.

At Key stage 3 (from years 7 – 9), students learn about a number of the world’s major religions, their belief systems and practices. They then explore some of life’s ultimate questions such as: Is there a God? Where does suffering come from? How was the world created? Pupils are encouraged to develop their own opinions to such questions and to be able to justify and support them with reference to the world religions.

At Key stage 4, pupils follow the WJEC Short Course (Spec B) specification. The course covers topics such as relationships, war and peace, medical ethics and prejudice and discrimination. Pupils who successfully complete the short course in year 10 are able to undertake a top-up programme in year 11 in order to extend the short course to full course accreditation. 

Regular extra-curricular trips are organised in RE throughout all key stages. These include a visit to the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum and to a Hindu temple in Cardiff. Students who take the GCSE in RE also attend an educational week of learning at Elim Family Church