Modern Foreign Languages



Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world, spoken by almost 400 million people worldwide, which is why at Pen Y Dre we give our learners the opportunity to learn the language. Learning Spanish gives pupils an opportunity to develop an understanding of other cultures and introduces an international dimension to their education.


Spanish is taught at Key Stage 3 and pupils are encouraged to develop knowledge and understanding of both the spoken and written forms of the language in a range of context. Pupils enjoy two lessons per fortnight in year 7 and three lessons per fortnight in Year 8 and 9. Classes are taught in mixed ability groups.  

Pupils are involved in improving their own learning and are involved in setting targets for improvements. Literacy and oracy skills are both supported through the development of communication, oracy, reading and writing skills. This in turn increases learners confidence and independence.


Educational trips to Barcelona are organised to further support learning.

French and Spanish are offered as modern foreign languages to study and enjoy at Pen y Dre, dependent on staffing expertise and the needs of our pupils. At present, Spanish is the preferred choice due to its increasing popularity with pupils.