History is a study of the past. It is viewed as a subject that it is vital in providing learners of the present with an awareness and understanding of the past human activity that has helped to shape the world they live in. It is hoped that the study of history in school will lead to a lifelong process of learning that does not end when the learners leave school.

The teaching of history allows for a variety of approaches towards teaching and learning. The aim is develop in learners multifarious skills - historical, communication, ICT, numerical and social.

The main goal is to attempt to achieve this aim through an interplay of content and approaches which would allow for the delivery of positive and rewarding learning experiences for learners. Teachers provide opportunities, where appropriate, for learners to develop and apply learning and skills across the curriculum through their study of history.

The History Department is committed to providing an enriched curriculum for learners. This includes the provision of homework and revision clubs and a wide range of educational activities and visits.